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Cinque Terre Boat Tours

An extraordinary way to visit the Cinque Terre and the Gulf of La Spezia!

Enjoy a relaxing boat trip and discover the hidden beauties of Cinque Terre and the Gulf of La Spezia while cruising along the terrific coastline of the National Park aboard one of our premium quality boats.

Explore Cinque Terre like a local with your knowledgeable private Tour Guide.

Lunch/appetizer/ wine tasting/ beverages are included during the boat trip.

It’s Springtime in the Cinque Terre!

Cinque Terre are beautiful in every season, Spring is definitely the best if you love nature,  flowers and hiking . More daylight and a mild climate allow you to organize wonderful walks through the villages of the Cinque Terre and excursions along the trails of the National Park.
A day with a local tour guide at your disposal will give you the opportunity to discover our territory and have a taste of some typical Ligurian dishes.
A good glass of white wine DOC of the Cinque Terre, or a sip of Sciacchetrà is not to be missed!

All this awaits you in the Cinque Terre! Do not wait any longer, book your weekend or your daily excursion!

It’s winter time in the Cinque Terre!

presepe Manarola

The winter season is the perfect time to come and discover the beauty of our territory and the good food


The tradition of the Nativity is renewed in Manarola also this year. Until the middle of January thousands of lights illuminate the hill of the Three Crosses in Manarola and they give life to the bigger Nativity Scene ever. A unique opportunity to visit the Cinque Terre and to spend an unforgettable Christmas!


Even in winter you can taste delicious dishes of the ligurian tradition. You won’t miss the famous Pandolce Genovese, an art of sweet bread done especially during Christmas, castagnaccio (chestnut cake), porridge and pancakes, frittelle filled with apple and ricotta cheese, accompanied as always by a glass of 5 Terre D.O.C. white wine or the well known Sciacchetra’. For all the food lovers we offer a half day tour, including a visit of a village and a wine tasting.


Impress your friends and family and come back home by showing them your skill in preparing our most famous sauces, pesto and walnut sauce! Local restaurateurs are available to show you all the ropes. Enjoy yourself preparing the pesto sauce with a mortar and a pestle, it will be a fun and memorable experience!


A different way to discover the city of La Spezia. Join us for a walking tour which takes you outside the beaten paths and give you the opportunity to learn more about our history and traditions. The half day tour ends in a local restaurant where you can enjoy a glass of local wine such as some delicious appetizers.


Main Events in the Province

Plan your trip in advance and take the opportunity to discover more!


Lemons Festival – every year on the 3rd Saturday of the month of May, when yellow becomes the predominant colour in the village.

Anchovies Festival – in June and September stands in town offer a taste of local food and wine

St. John’s Festival  – June 23rd and June 24th with procession, bonfire and fair with local products.


St. Margareth the Great Festival – Julyt 20th with procession, fireworks and fair with local products.

Christmas Under the Sea – December 25th the Jesus Child was born in the sea and is brought to the church by divers.


St. Peter and Paul Festival – June 29th famous for the big cake made in town called “la torta dei Fieschi”.


Easter Time – procession on Good Friday, Via Dolorosa and hundreds of lights illuminating the hills around Manarola.

St. Lawrence Festival – August 10th with procession through the “carruggi”.

Christmas Time – a Nativity scene with over 400 figures and thousand of lights illuminating the hills around Manarola.


St. John’s Festival – June 24th with procession and pavement artist exhibition.


Napoleon Festival – September 27th-29th – Sarzana is invaded by French and Austrian troops camping at Firmafede Fortress. A battle through the street of the city. Sarzana, city of origin of the bonaparte family will be the scene of suggestive historical commemorations taking place in the old town, the Citadel, the Fortress of Sarzanello and Piazza Matteotti. Do not miss a visit to the camp and the Napoleonic Market that will ne housed inside the Fortress Firmafede.


Mesciua – September – the event promoted and organized by the City of La Spezia, in collaboration with the Navy points at the city and throughout the country in the prestigious seat of the Naval coinciding with the last end summer week.


The second edition of the race of 47 km through the vineyards of the Cinque Terre, is scheduled on March 20th 2016.

Sciacchetrail is indeed the union of two passions, one for the precious raisin wine produced on terraces with slopes from dizziness and trail running, the run in nature, discipline for excellence has the ability to bring to the specific characteristics of the area difficult terrain, large gradients, kilometers and kilometers of paths and stairs built in the centuries to reach the terraces and its precious fruits.


September – Ladders, breathtaking views and tracks that are unique in the world. The Gulf of Poets Trail back in late summer, bringing in the villages hundreds of athletes from all over Europe and as many attendants. re At least 500 runners are expected, for a total of one thousand visitors, two thousand eyes in which will imprint idyllic landscape of the Gulf and the Cinque Terre, images that can only push back.