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Sarzana’s Palazzi in full bloom

Discover Sarzana in a unique way! Take a stroll in the main street, be amazed at its beautiful palaces and learn more about the history of the city, its art and culture.

It will seem to be back in time, sitting in an old fashion cafe’, tasting delicious delights, cakes, ice cream or cappuccino and marveling at beautiful Art-Nuveau details.

Whether your are planning to spend just few hours or an entire day out, Sarzana will offer you many opportunities to enjoy your time with family or friends. Not far from La Spezia and the Cruise Terminal, easily reachable by bus or by train, Sarzana is the perfect location if you want to do something different and unique. Moreover the city offers a great shopping opportunities for the entire family!


Sarzana and its secrets

Did you know that originally the Bonaparte family hails from Sarzana? In the city archives a document dating back to 1529 contains information regarding Francesco Bonaparte, who moved to Ajaccio to serve the Republic of Genoa. From his descendants Napoleon was born.  The City is tightly linked to the figure of the leader and his family will be repeatedly guest of Sarzana in several occasions.

August 16th 1817 Marie Louise, Archduchess of Austria, arrived in the city. She became Empress of France after her marriage with Napoleon. Following the collapse of the Empire she changed her noble title into Duchess of Piacenza, Parma and Guastalla.

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