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Cinque Terre Boat Tours

An extraordinary way to visit the Cinque Terre and the Gulf of La Spezia!

Enjoy a relaxing boat trip and discover the hidden beauties of Cinque Terre and the Gulf of La Spezia while cruising along the terrific coastline of the National Park aboard one of our premium quality boats.

Explore Cinque Terre like a local with your knowledgeable private Tour Guide.

Lunch/appetizer/ wine tasting/ beverages are included during the boat trip.

Fortifications in the Gulf of La Spezia

The Gulf of La Spezia can be considered perhaps the only one within Europe with the highest military structures, meaning by this term a series of fortifications (batteries, forts, towers) built to defend a first military arsenal.

Already Napoleon in 1808 with his decree put pen to paper which fortifications should be built in order to defend his arsenal and where: a first fort at Castellana, one at Muzzerone, some on the Palmaria island and Tino island, in Maralunga, while other fortifications, already existing in the gulf, should have been reinforced.

The Napoleonic ideas were taken up and implemented by Cavour, starting from 1857. When in 1860 La Spezia was indicated as the ideal site for the construction of the current arsenal, the bilding of the first forts and the first batteries began.

Map of the main batteries / fortifications in the Gulf of La Spezia


A week-end in Lerici, the Pearl of the Gulf

The town of Lerici, located at the far end of the eastern side of the Gulf of La Spezia, has fascinated for centuries poets, writers, writers coming from all over Europe. An age-old village that knows how to tell and amaze even today tourists from all around the world. The enchanting landscape, the old neighborhoods with narrow streets and alleyways, the marine character, the stunning views and the good food make Lerici one of the favorite spots in Liguria and in the Province of La Spezia.

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