Tips for your trip

Tips for your trip

Some useful information if you are planning a trip in the 5 Terre:

Wether you are a family, a small party or a group and your are planning a visit in the 5 Terre and the Gulf of La Spezia, I would like to give you some basic advises you may find helpful in order to better organize yourself and your vacation.

5 Terre is reasonably one of the most famous territory in Liguria though it’s not the beach ( pebbly or not existent) that appeal to tourists, but definitely the landscape and the environment, a charming combination of architecture, nature and ambience.

Climate and Temperatures

Because of the position of Liguria we have a Mediterranean climate, typical for all countries within the Mediterranean basin with dry summers and mild and moist winters

  • Summer: between 17°C .and 30°C. – rainfall is rare except for occasional thunderstorm
  • Autumn: between 8°C. and 15°C – rainfall is common though still and enjoyable season
  • Winter: between 5°C. and 12°C. – quite mild on the seaside, snow and frost practically unknown, possibility of snow at higher elevations
  • Spring: between 10°C. and 20°C. – day light is increasing, enjoyable weather, possibility of rainfall.
While packing....

If you are planning a visit in the 5 Terre and in the Province of La Spezia don’t forget:

  • Hiking shoes – comfortable shoes – walking sticks
  • Hat – sunscreen – sunglasses for summer/spring and raincoat – windstopper jacket for fall/winter

The best way to visit our territory is undoubtedly by train. We have very good and fast connections in-between every villages, so I always suggest  to leave the car in hotel and to discover the 5 Terre by train. During spring and summer we have local trains every 20 min. connecting La Spezia to the 5 Terre. In autumn and winter less rides though still very handy. Starting from Easter up to the end of October tourists can also visit 5 Terre, Lerici and Portovenere by boat. A daily service is offered from La Spezia.

Restaurant Cover Charge

Often at the bottom of a menu restaurant you will see the word “Coperto”. It’s a cover charge added to the overall food and beverage bill and it is always per person. It can range from 1 to 5 Euro, depending from the restaurants and it covers the cost of setting up the table and bread. Indeed it was also called “pane e coperto” (bread and cover).


Although during Spring and Summer you will notice english is probably the most spoken language compared to Italian, rarely shops and restaurants accept foreign currency, unless specified. Viceversa credit cards are mostly accepted in restaurants and boutiques.

Travel Vocabulary

Just some basic but useful words and phrases to approach your Italian trip:

  • Good Morning /Good Afternoon = Buongiorno
  • Good Evening = Buona sera
  • Good Night = Buona notte
  • Thank you = Grazie
  • You’re welcome = Prego
  • Yes = Si / No = No
  • Do you speak english? = Parla inglese?
  • I don’t understand = non capisco
  • I’m sorry = mi dispiace
  • Excuse me (to get attention) = Scusi
  • Excuse me ( to get past someone) = Permesso
  • How much is it? = Quanto costa?
  • Where’s…? = Dov’è….?
  • Train station = Stazione ferroviaria
  • Pharmacy = Farmacia
  • Post office = Ufficio postale
  • Bank = Banca
  • Hotel = Hotel/Albergo
  • Restroom = Bagno/Toilette

Hope to have you in one of my tours!

Join me for an amazing trip through my region and discover the beauties of 5 Terre, La Spezia, Portovenere, Lerici and the entire Province with a Local Native Tour Guide!