La Spezia City Tour

The city of La Spezia is the second largest and most important in Liguria, with more than a thousand years of history, already mentioned in the chronicles of pilgrims. It’s situated in the center of a natural gulf, surrounded by a chain of hills, which protect the city from cold winds. A mild climate during the winter time and a gentle breeze during the summer make La Spezia a unique location for your holidays.

Let’s start our journey from the city of the XIX century, with its Art Nouveau buildings up to the Cathedral, built in the 70s of the XX century. We will then retrace the history of La Spezia back to the Middle Age, on more time forward to the Napoleonic period, finishing our city tour strolling along the brand new Mirabello Marina.

City Map:à.jpg

“I arrived in La Spezia…
the view of the sea was so attractive,
that happened to me foolishly
to challenge it with my intention.
I got off, went to the port, took a small boat
and rowed out to sea.
It was new moon, but above me,
from the deep spaces, he was moaning
the choir of the stars of the south…
immensity was the bed of my soul..”